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Prior to starting S.O.S., Elaine worked as a legal office administrator and a legal secretary. Kate worked in sales. The two met as recruiters for a downtown staffing agency. After eight years of working together, they realized they had a talent for finding excellent employees. Today, S.O.S. is recognized for its expert knowledge of the legal industry and for repeat business from satisfied clients.




Need temporary help? We have it.


Do you have work to be done, yet not enough personnel to handle it? Contact us. Whether you need short- or long-term temporary help, we’ll provide you with qualified candidates who will help you complete your project.


Need to fill a full-time position? Have no time to recruit and interview?


Let S.O.S. handle the stressful recruitment process for you. We identify, recruit, interview and check references, so you and your staff will be able to continue your work uninterrupted. We send only qualified candidates, making our reasonable fees well worth the administrative time and expense you'll save.



Premier service in Northeast Ohio

SOS offers temporary and full-time legal staffing solutions to the Cleveland legal community and surrounding suburbs.

Employers can rest assured that we pre-screen all candidates’ backgrounds and qualifications. And candidates can rest assured that we aim not only to find you a great job but one that you’ll be satisfied with for years to come.

Our specialties include:

- Legal secretaries

- Paralegals

- Legal assistants

- Administrative assistants

- Receptionists

- Billing assistants

- Technical support

- Office services personnel

- Human resources managers

- Human resources assistants

- Marketing assistants

- Executive assistants

- Accounting clerks

- Software specialists

- Data entry clerks

S.O.S. is proud to deliver individualized attention, highly qualified candidates and competitive rates. We believe these to only be a few of the reasons why our reputation in Northeast Ohio is unmatched.


We guarantee the best candidate for the job search.

Bold statement? We agree. However, our results prove that we deliver. Our goal is to serve both the client and the candidate to the best of our ability.

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Whether you are a potential candidate or client, Select Office Staffing will make the difference in your job search.