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Our Excellence Shows

We respect your privacy and recognize confidentiality is the cornerstone of every career search.

Proven Commitment

We take our mission seriously to match the right candidate to the right opportunity. We listen to your needs and wants, so that we don't waste your valuable time sending you on useless interviews. Our job is to find you a job!






Cleveland’s leading law firms and corporate legal departments rely on Select Office Staffing’s 23 years of expertise to locate the most talented candidates for their position.

Our clients only interview individuals who possess all the training, experience, and personality attributes required to be a success within their environment. Individuals seeking employment in the legal profession rely on S.O.S. to identify available positions that meet their professional and personal needs.

Let us help you find your ideal job. Our recruitment service is employer-paid, so there is no cost to the candidate at any time.


First, a candidate meets with one of our recruiters for an interview. During the interview we discuss what the candidate is looking for in his/her career and what the ideal position would be. We then present options that are currently available. If the candidate is interested, we submit him or her to the client. We also tailor job searches to candidates. We NEVER release a resume without the candidate's consent.

After our client decides that it would like to meet with our candidate, we arrange an interview. When they meet and establish mutual interest, there is usually a second interview. During the process, we keep in touch with the candidate and the client, conduct extensive background checks and perform other tasks that our client assigns. We are available at all times to both parties.

When both parties are comfortable, the client extends an offer, usually through us, sometimes directly to the candidate. The candidate takes the time necessary to determine if this is the best match for them personally as well as matches their career goals.

A candidate accepts the position and we have a win-win-win. Our candidate attains a great position, our client hires a great candidate and we have facilitated what our guarantee says we will do; provide excellent candidate-client matches.